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How to solve the powder "flashback" when packaging powder in a horizontal packaging machine

Issuing time:2018-04-24 17:50Author:Jiangmen Shengshi Technology Co., Ltd.


How to solve the powder "flashback" when packaging powder in a horizontal packaging machine

In the process of packaging powder, the packaging machine will encounter powder "counterattack". We have solved this problem perfectly so that powder packaging does not raise dust.

  Adopt the filling method of making the bag first and then unloading the material, and the unloading port is directly deep into the bottom of the packaging bag to discharge the material, so as to avoid dust rising. If the powder particles are extremely fine and easily lifted, a suction device is installed at the upper seal of the powder package, which can absorb a little powder absorbed by the bag mouth. In addition, the horizontal seal is adopted to strengthen the sealing performance during packaging, which ensures the sealing performance to a large extent, effectively solves the problem of dust "counterattack", and prolongs the shelf life of the product.

  The horizontal packaging machine adopts the method of horizontal bag feeding. In theory, the station can be increased or decreased arbitrarily. When packaging materials with different characteristics, the corresponding blanking device can be selected to ensure the accuracy of packaging measurement. For manufacturers, choosing a suitable horizontal powder packaging machine is crucial to improving product quality, reducing cost losses, and improving market competitiveness!

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